Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a superhero movie that was produced by Marvel Studios alongside with Columbia Pictures. The movie was based on the Spider-Man comic and it was a huge success to say at least. Spider-Man Homecoming is the second movie from the reboot series. The main star of the movie Peter Parker is done by Tom Holland besides many others great actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Donald Glover, and Michael Keaton and so on.

The movie premiered on June 28, 2017, in Hollywood. The movie was a 100% success as it grossed over $880 million worldwide. Spider-Man Homecoming has become the most popular Spider-Man movie and besides that the second- most successful Spider-Man movie of all time.

As usual, the story follows the life of Peter where he tries to make the perfect balance between his normal life and the life of a superhero. Peter was tourist traveling to Berlin with Happy Hogan where he was actually going to help Tony Stark to help him during the “Civil War”. Happy showed the young web-crawler his new suit that was full of amazing features. In the movie, there will be shown few previews of the “Civil War” through videos that were recorded by Peter’s himself, one of them was the airport fight where he managed to take the shield from Captain America. After the whole fuss, Tony brought Peter home and left him with the instructions to stay low until he calls him. Months have passed but no one called Peter so he resumed on with his normal life as a teenage student at Midtown High School. From time to time he will patrol the city to see if there is some trouble going on. Eager for some action, finally a bank robbery happens but little that he knew the robbers were using the tech that they’ve found on the crashed ships from when the Avengers fought the Chitauri. One of the robbers made a powerful blast blowing up the whole bank and even the bodega across the street. From there the story starts to progress as Peter decides to investigate the stolen tech and their source without alerting Mr. Stark.