McGregor odds versus Khabib

We all know UFC 229 is going to be an epic fight. Maybe it will end in the first round maybe it won’t. All we know is that it’s going to get really messy considering the past of these two fighters, the war that will occur on October 6th in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

As we know Conor McGregor is an excellent boxer. He has great timing and speed and plus on all of that he is a southpaw. That only can cause Khabib much trouble considering the majority of the UFC fighters are right handed. Khabib maybe is tough but Conor managed to fight a lot bigger opponents. If we go back and see the rematch fight versus Nate Diaz. There he showed everyone that he can manage much bigger guys and for that fight, he trained hard on his ground game and tackling defense where he was the weakest.

McGregor odds versus Khabib Live

If we look a while back, we can look at the almost identical fight, the UFC 189. Conor McGregor versus Chad Mendes.

Chad Mendes is very much similar with Khabib Nurmagomedov in size and fighting style.


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UFC 189 was planned to be versus Jose Aldo but due to his rib injury, the fight took place versus Chad Mendes.

Conor did win that fight but he struggled a lot. The both of them were tired and they were on their last atom of strength but Conor managed to win the fight by TKO in the second round.


As for the UFC 229, Khabib is on a whole different level. And besides Khabib being stronger and a smarter fighter than Chad Mendes, he is also heavier, and we all know how Conor has cardio issues on later rounds in heavier divisions.

If Conor wants to win, he must do it with a bang in the first round, and opposite, if Khabib wants to win against Conor, he must wear him down and put him to the ground where Conor is the weakest.