Khabib-Conor press Conference

Like every other press conference this one also started with Conor McGregor trash talking the Russian, the only difference was that in this press conference there was no audience except the journalists.

The UFC wanted to display the whole conference on the big screen on Times Square.  Because of the incident that happened a while back with McGregor invading the bus which holds UFC fighters, they thought this was a better and a safer way.


On the press conference as always, McGregor wore his expensive custom-made suit while Khabib has chosen a casual black shirt and pants.

Khabib-Conor press Conference

The UFC 229 press conference was mostly consisting of Conor’s insults towards Khabib. He named him a coward and a weasel many times. He even used foul language which Khabib said it was unnecessary and that he doesn’t like swearing.


At the same exact press conference Conor brought up his two belts (featherweight and lightweight) and besides that, he also brought up his new whiskey called Proper No. Twelve. He ended up drinking the whiskey with Dana White. He also offered Khabib but he declined the offer and he commented he doesn’t drink alcohol.


At one point Nurmagedov did start to yell at Conor where he said that his wrestling is nothing and that he is going to tire him out and beat him.

As every UFC press conference, it ended up with a stare down with the Dana White in the middle of the two fighters. Like always, Conor McGregor was 2 inches from his face and he was still talking and trying to get inside Khabib’s head. But, Khabib didn’t feel a thing and he was cold as the ace for the whole stare down.

As Khabib said there is no point in talking now, everything will be settled at 6th of October in the octagon!