UFC 229 – McGregor VS Khabib

The fight most of you have been waiting for.

Conor McGregor versus Khabib Nurmagemdov! Two legendary MMA fighters with an incredible history of fights inside the octagon. The war between the Irish Viking and the Russian Bear will occur on Saturday, October 6th in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Like every other Conor fight, this one will break most view records, not as many as the Boxing match between Floyd Mayweather but definitely close. And where there are record-breaking viewers there is also a lot of money involved. With the fight already being sold in the first two weeks of the official announcement this one will also be a “money fight”. Currently, the only way you can watch the fight is with UFC Pay Per View.


Conor McGregor - UFC

In one corner there will be one of the most popular UFC fighters, the notorious Conor McGregor. This Irish fighter has proven many times he doesn’t just talk being the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion! Back in December 2015. Conor McGregor was up against Jose Aldo, the former raining featherweight champion. But, at that moment he wasn’t ready for the Irish southpaw. Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in the very first round in just 13 seconds! Even at the start of the fight, you could say the difference between these two fighters, but no one expected it to end that fast. One of the many factors that decided UFC 194 was the minds games Conor was playing with Jose Aldo in the many conferences they’ve had. Conor McGregor being who he is, start’s trash talking his opponent’s but in a way where he exposes their weaknesses. The exact same thing happened with Aldo. Just before the fight against Conor, you could see he was eager and stiff while Conor on the opposite was very relaxed, and the rest was history.

His left hand was just ripping through the featherweight division like they were nothing. Being a UFC sensation and the major moneymaker, everyone wanted to fight Conor McGregor.  Everyone started flaming in order to provoke him into fighting them. None of them succeeded except one of the Diaz brothers. Nate Diaz, the welterweight professional mix martial artists. Conor accepted this challenge and little that he knew, this one was going to make him forfeit. That’s right. The UFC 196 ended up with Nate’s submission against Conor McGregor. The UFC 196 was fought at much bigger weight than what Conor was used to. At that moment Nate had 169lbs while Conor had 168. Conor had to gain a lot of weight which made his cardio fall down, and that was one of the main reason he had lost that fight. He did land some great punches but the Diaz’s chin was just too tough. Later on, McGregor wanted a rematch and so on in the UFC 202 you’ve saw a whole new Conor. He trained for months preparing for that fight. His ground game was better than ever, he had sparring with boxers with similar height and arm length as Nate Diaz. From the start, it was a whole different fight. Connor was dominating Diaz in every round. The fight ended up with Diaz losing by decision.


Khabib Nurmagemdov UFC

In the other corner, you will see the currently undefeated Khabib the Eagle Nurmagomedov. This cold headed Russian is surely going to cause McGregor some trouble currently having a clean score of 26 wins and 0 defeats. Eight of them are won by submission, another eight of them are won by knockout and the rest by decision. Apart from not losing a single fight, Khabib never even lost a single round! The fighting style between these two fighters is very much different. While Conor focuses on stand up game where he is using his excellent talent for boxing and with that killer left hand he is surely going to cause some trouble to Khabib. On the other hand, Khabib is a master in ground and pound game. If you end up on the ground versus Khabib you are as good as finished. Khabib started training from a very early age. The first thing he was thought was to wrestle, you can pretty much say that he started wrestling immediately after he learned to walk. If you search on the internet you can also find a video of a very young Khabib wrestling a bear! That’s right, a bear! On a few occasions, he said that he is sometimes scared when he is fighting. Not scared of the opponent, but scared of what he can do to them. He said that he is so used to fighting he needs to keep his head calmed otherwise he could hurt someone really bad. As in for the Irish, Khabib said – “Not only to smash him, but also to change his face – I want to change his face.

“Of course when I change his face I will change his mind too.

“This is what I want.”

This fight is surely going to be a blood shell to say at least.

McGregor VS Khabib LIVE

Everyone can make their claim on who is going to beat who based on their fights so far but everything will change once these two fighters enter the octagon on 6th of the October. Irish Viking versus the Russian Bear.

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