UFC 230 Live Daniel Cormier vs Derrick Lewis

The upcoming UFC 230 will feature two great heavyweight fighters which will be the Main Event. The main card of UFC 230 is holding Daniel Cormier versus Derrick Lewis. The fight will be for the heavyweight title and it will be held on November 3 in New York City, Madison Square Garden.

UFC 230 Live

You will be able to watch the fight live on UFC Pay-Per-View or…

A lot of fans were excited about the fight and the following reason was that of the Daniel Cormier who previously announced in March 2019 that he was going to retire.

The fans originally thought if he ever comes back he would fight Jon Jones, his long-time rival. In the end, the fight was arranged versus Derrick Lewis who won against Alexander Volkov by KO in UFC 229. But Cormier stated that he was offered such a good deal that he couldn’t refuse. Besides Jon Jones, he also had to face Brock Lesnar for the first defense of his heavyweight title in 2019.

But, despite all offers he said:

“There was no way I could say no, honestly. Especially with a guy like Derrick, who is not known for the best cardio. I’ve got to start fast and hope I can push harder than him, even with a short camp.”

If Cormier(21-1) defeats Lewis(21-5), he will most definitely once again fight with Brock Lesnar to defend the heavyweight title. That won’t be much of a problem for Cormier, he only wants the fight against Jon Jones whom he lost to in UFC 214. The match versus Jon Jones made a no contest due to Jones’ failed test for use of a performance-enhancing drug and was suspended for 15 months.

UFC 230 event will also hold:


– Women Flyweight: Sijara Eubanks (3-2-0) versus Roxanne Modafferi (22-14-0)

– Featherweight: Jason Knight( 20-4-0) versus Jordan Rinaldi(13-6-0)

– Featherweight: Shane Burgos(10-1-0) versus Kurt Holobaugh(17-5-0)

-Featherweight: Julio Arce(14-2-0) versus SheymonMoraes(10-2-0)

-Middleweight: Karl Roberson(6-1-0) versus Jack Marsham(22-7-0)

-Bantamweight: Brian Kelleher(19-9-0) versus Domingo Pilarte(8-1-0)

-Lightweight: Matt Frevola(6-1-0) versus LandoVannata(9-3-1)

-Welterweight: Lyman Good(19-4-0) versus Sultan Aliev(14-3-0)

-Middleweight: Derek Brunson(18-6-0) versus Israel Adesanya(14-0-0)

-Middleweight: Ronaldo Souza(25-6-0) versus David Branch(22-4-0)

-Middleweight: Luke Rockhold)16-4-0) versus Chris Weidman(14-3-0)

-Lightweight: Dustin Poirier(24-5-0) versus Nate Diaz(19-11-0)

UFC 230 Live Poirier VS Diaz

Derrick (James) Lewis Profile – UFC

Derrick (James) Lewis was born on February 7, 1985, in the United States Louisiana. In 2010 he became a professional competitor in the Heavyweight division in the most popular MMA organization – Ultimate Fighting Championship. Besides the UFC he also fought in a few different organizations such as Legacy FC and Bellator MMA where he was the champion in the heavyweight division.

Currently, he is one of the top contenders for the UFC heavyweight championship having respectable victories over fighters such as Gabriel Gonzaga, Alexander Volkov, Roy Nelson, and Travis Browne.

Height: 6’ 3” (190cm)

Weight: 260lb (118kg)

Reach: 79”

Professional Score: 21-5-0

Derrick Lewis

Even from a young age, he was troublesome and he likes to fight a lot. He was often involved in street fighting. At the age of 17, he started boxing and soonly after he was already preparing for his first amateur fight but due to some unknown reasons the gym where he was training shut down and the match was canceled. On one occasion he was on probation being charged with aggravated assault. After finishing high school he was accepted in the Kilgore College on a full scholarship for football. He was a big guy even then and he really liked aggressive sports. But sometimes he couldn’t control himself so he was sentenced to five years in prison cause of the violation of his probation. Soonly after he got released he was introduced to mixed martial arts and he immediately knew that that was his thing. Without a problem, he won his first professional mixed martial arts fight and he 100% decided to leave boxing and to stick with MMA.

Before he attended the UFC his first debut fight at Bellator was supposed to be versus Thiago Santos but the fight got canceled due to injury. Eager to fight he accepted the very next fighter available that being Tony Johnson at Bellator 46 on June 25, 2011. He lost the fight via unanimous decision. He had more luck in Legacy FC where he compiled a record of 6-0 where he was the Heavyweight Champion. After his amazing performance, he was spotted and brought to the UFC.


Derrick’s debut fight in the UFC was on April 19, 2014, where he fought against Jack May where he won in the very first round via TKO. Going through the UFC he faced many tough guys, knocking the majority of them in the first two rounds. Now all that is left is to face the raining Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier on November 3 in UFC 230.

Daniel Cormier Profile

Daniel Cormier was born on March 20, 1979, in the United States Louisiana. He is a great Mix Martial Artist who is currently signed to Ultimate Fighting Championship or for short the UFC. He is currently the champion of both the light heavyweight and heavyweight division which made him the best Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the UFC. Besides Conor McGregor who was the first man in UFC history to hold 2 titles at the same time, Cormier was the second.

Daniel Cormier Fight

In his carrier before the UFC, he was also a Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion and King of the Cage Heavyweight Champion. He is definitely one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time.

Height: 5’ 11” (180cm)

Weight: 246lbs (112kg)

Reach: 72.5” (184cm)

Professional Score: 21-1-0


He started training in high school where he won 3 state championships in Louisiana in wrestling. His final score was 101-9! He continued wrestling even in college where he was a two-time national champion. There his record was 61 wins and 0 loses!

After he graduated college he went to pursue a carrier in Freestyle Wrestling. As everyone thought he became the Senior National Champion 5 times! He also attended the Olympic wrestling team in 2004 where he took 4th place. A few years later in 2008, he was named team captain for the USA Olympic wrestling team but sadly he has pulled away from the competition due to kidney failure.


Daniel Cormier Fight – Upcoming UFC 230 Live


After his spectacular carrier in wrestling, he wanted to go even further and pursue a carrier in Mixed-Martial-Arts, in the heavyweight division. Being a great wrestler he had a good ground game but he also had to work on submissions and on striking.

He made his professional debut in September 2009 where he fought for Xtreme MMA. Eventually, he won the Heavyweight Championship in 2010. Just a couple of weeks later Cormier won another MMA title in KOTC Heavyweight Championship!

Finally, Cormier made his promotional debut against Frank Mir in 2013 at UFC where he won by unanimous decision. His second fight was up against Roy Nelson in 2013 which he also won via unanimous decision. After the fight, he said he was going down to the light-heavyweight division.

The first fight in the light-heavyweight in 2014 went smoothly for Cormier with a TKO in the first round against Patrick Cummins.

Raining through the light-heavyweight division it was a matter of time when he was going to get a title shot which in that time was held by Jon Jones. The title fight was arranged to happen at UFC 178 but was canceled and postponed due to Jones injury. The fight eventually happened at UFC 182 where Cormier was defeated via unanimous decision. He fought again versus Jon in 2017 where he was again defeated. But due to a failed drug-test, Jones was suspended and the fight was counted as ‘no contest’ and the title was returned to Cormier.

He defended the light-heavyweight title versus VolkanOezdemir in 2018 which ended in the 2nd round via KO.

The next goal was to win the heavyweight title and in the next couple of months, he got a shot versus Stipe Miocic where Cormier won via knockout in the very first round!

McGregor odds versus Khabib

We all know UFC 229 is going to be an epic fight. Maybe it will end in the first round maybe it won’t. All we know is that it’s going to get really messy considering the past of these two fighters, the war that will occur on October 6th in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

As we know Conor McGregor is an excellent boxer. He has great timing and speed and plus on all of that he is a southpaw. That only can cause Khabib much trouble considering the majority of the UFC fighters are right handed. Khabib maybe is tough but Conor managed to fight a lot bigger opponents. If we go back and see the rematch fight versus Nate Diaz. There he showed everyone that he can manage much bigger guys and for that fight, he trained hard on his ground game and tackling defense where he was the weakest.

McGregor odds versus Khabib Live

If we look a while back, we can look at the almost identical fight, the UFC 189. Conor McGregor versus Chad Mendes.

Chad Mendes is very much similar with Khabib Nurmagomedov in size and fighting style.


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UFC 189 was planned to be versus Jose Aldo but due to his rib injury, the fight took place versus Chad Mendes.

Conor did win that fight but he struggled a lot. The both of them were tired and they were on their last atom of strength but Conor managed to win the fight by TKO in the second round.


As for the UFC 229, Khabib is on a whole different level. And besides Khabib being stronger and a smarter fighter than Chad Mendes, he is also heavier, and we all know how Conor has cardio issues on later rounds in heavier divisions.

If Conor wants to win, he must do it with a bang in the first round, and opposite, if Khabib wants to win against Conor, he must wear him down and put him to the ground where Conor is the weakest.

UFC 229 – McGregor VS Khabib

The fight most of you have been waiting for.

Conor McGregor versus Khabib Nurmagemdov! Two legendary MMA fighters with an incredible history of fights inside the octagon. The war between the Irish Viking and the Russian Bear will occur on Saturday, October 6th in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Like every other Conor fight, this one will break most view records, not as many as the Boxing match between Floyd Mayweather but definitely close. And where there are record-breaking viewers there is also a lot of money involved. With the fight already being sold in the first two weeks of the official announcement this one will also be a “money fight”. Currently, the only way you can watch the fight is with UFC Pay Per View.


Conor McGregor - UFC

In one corner there will be one of the most popular UFC fighters, the notorious Conor McGregor. This Irish fighter has proven many times he doesn’t just talk being the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion! Back in December 2015. Conor McGregor was up against Jose Aldo, the former raining featherweight champion. But, at that moment he wasn’t ready for the Irish southpaw. Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo in the very first round in just 13 seconds! Even at the start of the fight, you could say the difference between these two fighters, but no one expected it to end that fast. One of the many factors that decided UFC 194 was the minds games Conor was playing with Jose Aldo in the many conferences they’ve had. Conor McGregor being who he is, start’s trash talking his opponent’s but in a way where he exposes their weaknesses. The exact same thing happened with Aldo. Just before the fight against Conor, you could see he was eager and stiff while Conor on the opposite was very relaxed, and the rest was history.

His left hand was just ripping through the featherweight division like they were nothing. Being a UFC sensation and the major moneymaker, everyone wanted to fight Conor McGregor.  Everyone started flaming in order to provoke him into fighting them. None of them succeeded except one of the Diaz brothers. Nate Diaz, the welterweight professional mix martial artists. Conor accepted this challenge and little that he knew, this one was going to make him forfeit. That’s right. The UFC 196 ended up with Nate’s submission against Conor McGregor. The UFC 196 was fought at much bigger weight than what Conor was used to. At that moment Nate had 169lbs while Conor had 168. Conor had to gain a lot of weight which made his cardio fall down, and that was one of the main reason he had lost that fight. He did land some great punches but the Diaz’s chin was just too tough. Later on, McGregor wanted a rematch and so on in the UFC 202 you’ve saw a whole new Conor. He trained for months preparing for that fight. His ground game was better than ever, he had sparring with boxers with similar height and arm length as Nate Diaz. From the start, it was a whole different fight. Connor was dominating Diaz in every round. The fight ended up with Diaz losing by decision.


Khabib Nurmagemdov UFC

In the other corner, you will see the currently undefeated Khabib the Eagle Nurmagomedov. This cold headed Russian is surely going to cause McGregor some trouble currently having a clean score of 26 wins and 0 defeats. Eight of them are won by submission, another eight of them are won by knockout and the rest by decision. Apart from not losing a single fight, Khabib never even lost a single round! The fighting style between these two fighters is very much different. While Conor focuses on stand up game where he is using his excellent talent for boxing and with that killer left hand he is surely going to cause some trouble to Khabib. On the other hand, Khabib is a master in ground and pound game. If you end up on the ground versus Khabib you are as good as finished. Khabib started training from a very early age. The first thing he was thought was to wrestle, you can pretty much say that he started wrestling immediately after he learned to walk. If you search on the internet you can also find a video of a very young Khabib wrestling a bear! That’s right, a bear! On a few occasions, he said that he is sometimes scared when he is fighting. Not scared of the opponent, but scared of what he can do to them. He said that he is so used to fighting he needs to keep his head calmed otherwise he could hurt someone really bad. As in for the Irish, Khabib said – “Not only to smash him, but also to change his face – I want to change his face.

“Of course when I change his face I will change his mind too.

“This is what I want.”

This fight is surely going to be a blood shell to say at least.

McGregor VS Khabib LIVE

Everyone can make their claim on who is going to beat who based on their fights so far but everything will change once these two fighters enter the octagon on 6th of the October. Irish Viking versus the Russian Bear.

Khabib-Conor press Conference

Like every other press conference this one also started with Conor McGregor trash talking the Russian, the only difference was that in this press conference there was no audience except the journalists.

The UFC wanted to display the whole conference on the big screen on Times Square.  Because of the incident that happened a while back with McGregor invading the bus which holds UFC fighters, they thought this was a better and a safer way.


On the press conference as always, McGregor wore his expensive custom-made suit while Khabib has chosen a casual black shirt and pants.

Khabib-Conor press Conference

The UFC 229 press conference was mostly consisting of Conor’s insults towards Khabib. He named him a coward and a weasel many times. He even used foul language which Khabib said it was unnecessary and that he doesn’t like swearing.


At the same exact press conference Conor brought up his two belts (featherweight and lightweight) and besides that, he also brought up his new whiskey called Proper No. Twelve. He ended up drinking the whiskey with Dana White. He also offered Khabib but he declined the offer and he commented he doesn’t drink alcohol.


At one point Nurmagedov did start to yell at Conor where he said that his wrestling is nothing and that he is going to tire him out and beat him.

As every UFC press conference, it ended up with a stare down with the Dana White in the middle of the two fighters. Like always, Conor McGregor was 2 inches from his face and he was still talking and trying to get inside Khabib’s head. But, Khabib didn’t feel a thing and he was cold as the ace for the whole stare down.

As Khabib said there is no point in talking now, everything will be settled at 6th of October in the octagon!