Ferdinand is an American made 3D computer-animated comedy movie that was based on the book “The story of Ferdinand”. The movie was produced by Blue Sky Studios the same computer animation company that produced Ice Age. The movie premiered on December 8, 2017.

The story follows Ferdinand (voice done by John Cena), a huge and scary looking black bull that is actually a big pacifist. Everyone else saw him as a fighting bull but he was just a flower-loving calf. His life started on a farm in Spain on a ranch made for bull-training. In the meantime, a tragedy happens that will make Ferdinand run away from the ranch.


Ferdinand – Official Trailer

He will end up lost, but luckily he will be found by a florist named Juan who didn’t judge him by his appearance and immediately saw his true nature. He brought Ferdinand home to his daughter Nina, who instantly formed a bond with him and decided to raise him as her pet who for a short time became best friends. After a few unintended incidents, Ferdinand gets taken back to Casa Del Toro where he will once again face his old friends. Ferdinand’s life will continue to become more and more interesting as the adventure has just started.

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